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Moving to the cloud has many benefits for all kinds of organizations and their roles!

Why Does The CFO Like Cloud Delivered Workspaces?

The role of a CFO is to ensure his company’s financial health. As a result, the CFO must juggle between watching expenses and cash flow as well
as dealing with various stakeholders including employees, banks, insurers, and others. Generally speaking, IT expenditures are a cause for concern
to the CFO. Typically, IT spending combines high upfront capital expenditures with unpredictable maintenance fees. Initial expenditures include
hardware and software, as well as setup costs. Ongoing maintenance costs for on-premises solutions are less predictable. System downtime
creates a dual expense for CFOs: loss of productivity and the cost of getting systems back online. In addition, CFOs will have to continuously
spend in upgrading components of these systems. Shifting to cloud delivered workspaces benefits the CEO by replacing the aforementioned
expenses with a monthly cost per employee.

CSP Cloud Workspace replaces capex and maintenance expenses with a cost per seat. This is achieved by shifting the burden of data center
operations and maintenance to a third party. CFOs know that their companies are not in the business of running a data center. As such, they
prefer to pass this expense to another company dedicated to this, who can do it more efficiently. In addition, shifting processing and storage
requirements to the cloud extends the lifespan of workstations. As such, CFO’s can extend the lifespan of their company’s computers without
compromising performance or security. In short, CSP Cloud Workspace makes the CFO happy by making expenses more predictable,
increasing productivity, and allowing his company to focus on its core business.