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Moving to the cloud has many benefits for all kinds of organizations and their roles!

Why Do CIOs Like CSP Cloud Workspace and How Do They Benefit?

By using CSP Cloud Workspace, the CIO has the peace of mind that all employees will have the latest firewall and anti-virus patches, mitigating
risk and reducing vulnerabilities. In addition, CIOs can securely grant employees access to their data outside of the office. This is particularly
useful for companies that have a remote or mobile workforce as well as companies looking to securely implement a bring-your-own-device policy
(“BYOD”). Satellite offices, remote workers, and traveling executives can access all of their work files and applications through a low latency
remote desktop client. The data is secured at all times, as it is hosted in a world class data center aka “the cloud.” The employee no longer has
the need for data to reside on their local system, thus keeping it safe from human error and local device failures.
A CIO also benefits from CSP’s solution by shifting the need to maintain expensive data centers onto his service provider. CSP will be responsible
for maintaining the data center relationship, giving CIOs more time to focus on their core business. The CIO also benefits from complete control
and IT auditing, which is made simple with tools provided by CSP. The ability to securely enable BYOD, reduce risks from malicious actors,
empower employees to work remotely, securing data while traveling, and simplifying auditing and change control management for the CIO,
should make the decision to migrate to a cloud hosted desktop solution a no-brainer.