Reduce IT Costs

Significantly reduce operational costs and cut capital expenditure by eliminating on-site servers, software, and maintenance.  CSP Cloud Workspace can also extend the life of your current workstation investments.

Work Anywhere

CSP Cloud Workspace gives users secure, high-performance access to applications and data from any internet-connected device.
Enhance productivity by allowing employees to work from home or on the road.


• Customized workspace environment
• Integration of applications & data
• Secure data storage
• Back-up & disaster recovery
• Technical support 24/7/365
• Customized security & directory permissions
• Anytime access to your company apps & data

Eliminate Complex Security Challenges

Information security is no longer an option; it’s imperative. But you don’t need to be an expert. Let the CSP Cloud Workspace platform address complex data privacy and other security requirements so you can focus on building your

Increase productivity, reduce expenses

Customized Cloud Workspace environment for you to control your business applications and data with secure access for all your employees from anywhere, from any device, via any internet or private connection. CSP Cloud Workspace is your virtual office wherever you are.


• Reduce operating expenses
• Eliminate capital expenditures
• Increase employee productivity
• Anywhere, any device connectivity
• Protect your data
• Refocus IT resources on strategic initiatives
• Predictable monthly expense


We ensure that your work is always available


Access your desktop, apps, & corporate data



Secure apps, data, & workspaces


Reduce costs, CapEx, & inefficient processes


Geographically distributed Google Data Centers with built in high availability and a rock-solid high speed fiber optic network.  24×365 Performance/Security Monitoring


Access your desktop, applications and corporate documents on-demand, anytime and from all of your devices. Same look and feel from your PC, laptop, tablet and smart phone.


Your entire workspaces reside in Google's world class facilities with all of the requisite certifications including SSAE-16 Type 2, TIA 942 Class 4, PCI, DSS, HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Provides disaster recovery and business continuity by backing up and securing your data


Reduce costs and eliminate inefficient processes associated with traditional on-premises upgrades. Eliminate CapEx spending on infrastructure and re-purpose old devices or provision low-cost thin- and zero client devices.

Top 7 Reasons to Move a Business to the Cloud:

Aging Infrastructure that Needs to be Replaced

Legacy Hosted Business Applications

Multiple Physical Locations

High Demands for Security and Compliance

Mobile or Remote Workforces

Merger of Businesses from Business Acquisitions

Quickly Growing Company

How much does it cost?

We get asked this question a lot.  It really depends on the situation.  We have to discover more about your business and needs.

Does your business require MS SQL?
How many users do you have?
Will you need MS Office?
What about e-mail?
What are your data storage requirements?
Do you have your own licensing?
What type of special printing setup do you need?

For most businesses that we work with, a ballpark is about $150 per user per month.  But it could be less or more depending on the above answers.  The per user price includes all that is listed at the top of this page.  Support (24x7 help desk and NOC), administration, security, disaster recovery, vCIO, and more.

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