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Are you confident your business would survive an AZ wildfire?

Today I am reminded that things can change rapidly and that we must be prepared for them.

Right now, there is a 20,000-acre wildfire near Prescott Arizona. Businesses, residents, entire towns, are being evacuated, with more to come if not contained soon. Houses and property are already being consumed by this fire.

Wildfires, flooding, and other events can happen, so when it comes to business, technology, and your data…having a disaster recovery / business continuity plan is key.

Is your business covered?
Most businesses run their day to day operations on local onsite servers. These servers must be patched, monitored, maintained, and backed up.

Most companies still backup locally or not at all. Even if they do keep a copy offsite or use a remote data backup solution, it still takes time to restore operations.

A disaster recovery and business continuity plan is important because it helps plan the steps if a disaster occurs and your local technology is inoperable. Whether that be from wildfire, flooding, or even equipment failure.

The most important questions that are addressed are:

  • What happens when our servers and equipment are down?
  • How do we run our business without this technology?
  • Do we have to wait and purchase new equipment and then set it all up again?
  • Do we restore from an offsite backup and how long are we down for?
  • If we have no offsite backups, can our business continue operate?
  • While we wait for these things to be ordered, setup, fixed, etc – can we work?
  • How much does the new equipment, licensing, etc cost us?
  • How much does this waiting or downtime cost us? With employee productivity, loss of income, and more.

What’s the Solution?
At CSP Technologies, we understand the importance of keeping your business running, at all times. Being able to access your critical business apps and data.  That is why we offer our CSP Cloud Workspace which eliminates these concerns and answers all the questions above.  By migrating your business apps, data, and users to the cloud, you know your data will be safe, monitored, and accessible at all times.

Contact us today to see if this is a fit for you and your business.