“Cloud” is a buzzword with the promise and convenience of being able to access files from anywhere at anytime.  We use the cloud everyday with Microsoft Office365, and Gmail, iCloud. and much more.

Our CSP Cloud Workspace is sometimes called DaaS (desktop as a service), but it is really, WaaS (workspace as a service).  This service allows your employees to connect to a virtual desktop, hosted in the cloud, on any device in a secure way.  Basically, staff can pull up their Windows Desktop, files, and applications from their tablet or laptop or PC remotely.  See the benefits here.

SaaS – software as a service
largest cloud market / applications delivered through the internet / manged by a 3rd party vendor
examples – Salesforce, Google Apps, Office365

PaaS – platform as a service
used for software development / ability to develop, run, and manage apps without complexity of building & maintaining infrastructure
examples – Appear IQ, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Beanstalk, Google App Engine, and Heroku

IaaS – infrastructure as a service
outsourcing of equipment used to support operations -storage, hardware, servers and networking components / users responsible for managing / providers still manage virtualization, servers, hard drives, storage, and networking
examples  – Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure

Nope!  While we do have a minimum license requirement, we can work with most small, medium, and large businesses.

Unfortunately, our offering requires a reliable internet connection at all times. We understand the importance of being able to access your system, the ability to access it from anywhere, is very helpful. Most internet services now-a-days are pretty reliable.

If you would like redundancy, our plan includes a managed firewall/router device. that gives you the option of having a cellular internet backup service.  ***This is not included in normal plan.  Depends on location.

By default, all servers have a snapshot schedule setup to take complete images, multiple times per day.  Retention depends on each client’s storage and availability needs.  But we can accommodate just about any setup you would need.

We partner with Google’s Cloud Platform.  Google has datacenters which are located across the country and globe.

Yes, while using an RDP client you will be able to stream your Cloud Workspace to as many monitors as detected by the local device.

CSP’s Cloud Workspace solution handles security at a variety of levels and in a number of different ways.

Encryption: 256 BIT AES SSL (TLS 1.0) will be used for server authentication and for encrypting all data transferred between the server and the client. At the storage layer we use Encryption to protect data while at rest.

Protection: At a file level, antivirus and malware is kept up to date and active. The client data in the cloud workspace is protected physically at the SOC compliant data center. Client data and systems are protected logically using a industry best practices and proprietary software. Enterprise class hardware and virtualization software are used to secure client servers.  Group policies and networking rules are scripted to lockdown the end-user experience and prevent unauthorized data access. This is in conjunction with our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan.

Access: Secure RDS Gateways and perimeter firewalls are the initial layers of defense and are actively monitored for malicious activity. CSP maintains logs on who accesses each cloud workspace environment, from what device and when the access was attempted. At the user level file audit logs/reports can be generated to show which user accessed data, when it was accessed and which type of function was performed. Lockout policies and reports prevent unauthorized access from the end point device and force access only through a secure gateway. Additional layers of authentication are also supported.

Yes.  Our Infrastructure, with the Google Cloud Platform has many compliance requirements.

SSAE16 / ISAE 3402 Type II / ISO 27001/ ISO 27017 – Cloud Security / ISO 27018 – Cloud Privacy / PCI DSS v3.1