The google cloud leads in terms of price, performance and innovation.

Google Cloud Platform is built to leverage Google’s know how and infrastructure built over almost two decades. Google’s own infrastructure was purpose built for its high-traffic global-scale services, including Gmail, Maps, YouTube, and Search. Due to the size and scale of these services, Google has heavily invested in optimizing its infrastructure and creating a suite of tools and services to manage it effectively. As a result, Google Cloud Platform has an industry leading SLA, the best costs, and lowest latency.



Best SLA

Google Cloud Platform has an industry leading service level objective of 99.95%


Cloud Investment

In the last year Google has invested a reported $9 billion into its cloud business, more than AWS and Azure combined


Fastest Response

Environments running on the Google cloud have the industry’s lowest latency due to Google’s vast network of data centers

49% savings

Lowest Cost

The Google Cloud is between 30-50% less expensive than AWS And Azure hyper-scale clouds

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