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What is CSP Cloud Workspace?

CSP Workspace is similar to DaaS (desktop as a service), but we like to call it WaaS (workspace as a Service) because it is all encompassing.  We spin up full Windows Server environments in the cloud.  It is a "high-touch" service which includes 24x7 unlimited support, pro-active monitoring, disaster recovery, security, cloud infrastructure, and more.

With CSP Workspace, you are able to connect to a virtual desktop, hosted in the cloud, on any device in a secure way.  Basically, staff can pull up a Windows desktop, files, and applications from a tablet, laptop or PC remotely without the need of onsite servers.  Onsite servers are so 2010, right? 


• Reduce operating costs & capital expenditures
• Flexible framework - change size on the fly
• Increase employee productivity
• Anywhere, any device connectivity
• Protect your data - increase security
• Refocus IT resources on strategic initiatives
• Eliminate the need for onsite servers


We ensure that your work is always available


Access your desktop, apps, & corporate data



Secure apps, data, & workspaces


Reduce costs, CapEx, & inefficient processes

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“CSP has managed all aspects of our computer network for the past 10 years. They have always given prompt professional service when called upon. They keep up to date on new IT happenings in the marketplace and have become a welcome addition to our workplace. I would highly recommend their services.”

Ron E

About Us

About Us

CSP Technologies is your trusted business cloud partner.  We offer many services in the cloud including our CSP Cloud Workspace, Office 365 (configuration, management, and migrations), VOIP phone service, SD-WAN, and more.

CSP Technologies has been working with customers since 2005, from all over the country. Technology is not location based, so we love to connect with clients from all over.  Our mission is to partner with businesses and use technology as a tool to bring value and consistent positive results. We strive to do this in a dependable, cost effective, and customer service oriented approach.

Companies come to us when they are ready to break free from the constraints of their current technology. We help them by moving their software, data, users, and entire operation into the cloud while fully managing both local and hosted environments. This high touch, “white glove” service, allows them an increase in efficiency, predictability, security, and stability, so they can focus on their business. Our goal for customers is for them to relax, and let us do all the work. All cloud, no fluff.

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